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— Hello dear visitor,

you will find me at my new exhibition

Making Nonsense 

at fortyfivedownstairs gallery

Hope to see you there!

The opening is in April 27

from 5 pm to 7 pm,

and the exhibition runs

till the 8th of May.

Galerie is in 45 Flinders Ln,

Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

(Gallery phone is  +61396629966)


Happy to announce soon I'll be also launching my new website! I hope we meet, here or there. 


Love, health, and energy




PHOTO-2021-04-26-14-43-12 10
extinction rebellion,183 cm x 183 cm,mix
PHOTO-2021-04-26-14-43-12 8
funny love funny life, 183 cm x 183 cm,m
PHOTO-2021-04-26-14-43-12 7
Teapot series, no 9, tiny work variable
I grew you flowers,183 cm x 183 cm,mixed
small totem series-magpie,40 cm x 50 cm,
no 4
PHOTO-2021-04-26-14-43-12 2
no 3
DSC_7410rt 2
PHOTO-2021-04-26-14-43-12 4
PHOTO-2021-04-26-14-43-12 11
PHOTO-2021-04-26-14-43-12 5
scarfe image 1.9
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