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In case you were wondering

All of my work is about hope, optimism, reaching out, safe spaces,

making room for the vulnerable and saving our planet.

Abstract or metaphor, there is always hope jumbled in with a quirky sense of something.


Love Janno


‘unapologetically bold

Making Nonsense, latest exhibition

Fortyfivedownstairs Gallery

27 April — 8 May 2021

45 Flinders Lane. Melbourne VIC 3000


An expanded exploration of the oversized soft-sculpture installations Janno produced during her Masters' studies at VCA (2017-18), Making Nonsense is her response to the pandemic of 2020 with all its accompanying crises, upheaval, and disorientation. Understandable as a defiant celebration of life, resilience, humour, and absurdity, Janno’s enduring preoccupations as an artist encompass ideas about compassion, love, and community as the sustaining principles of a kinder world.

text by Rose Lang | text by Janno

large works

large works

small works

small works